Let’s continue our talk about artistry and you life choice. Sometimes I am asked what does toy creating means for me? Why don’t I make up something more serous. Some sort of jewelry design or clothes design?

... Hmm...  I don’t know. Yes, it true. 

But actually the reason doesn’t matter. The main thing is my goal.    

First of all I am just fond of animals and I love to make them alive by means of stuffed toy creating. The process! The result! The feedback from my fans!

Secondly, I want people follow my idea and make up arts instead of sitting in theirs smartphones scrolling the social media content. Because this is real satisfaction, without any digital doping. This can help you low stress level in your life and feel yourself so important, so confident and, more over, be interesting person for all your surrounding. It fills you completely. And of course it is worth to make an effort at least!

And one more goal that does matter a lot for me. I want people to change their attitude to animals - stop making them suffer and accept them as EAQUAL on the Earth! As they really are.

Me in Nara, Japan