Hi dear! I hope you are ok and continue working under your artistic project.

Thank you for following me and writing me kind comments. 

I also work hard trying to be everywhere at the same time. I work under new designs, started crocheting a doll (have you seen the progress in my tiktok ?), go on keeping eye on my four kids and this year I’ve made up my mind to improve my English. 

Sometimes I feel so less time in a day and understand that life is too short to complete all my ideas. 

But being busy keeps me moving ahead.  

In my book, nothing is more important than being engaged in some fascinating activity. This will definitely break out of your daily routine.  

Don’t be afraid to start something new.   I know a lot of people are scared of difficulties and would never make something complicated. Like a toy, for example. 

Yes, I guess my patterns are not easy enough and sometimes it’s a challenge to complete the project , but they are really worth the efforts. 

So it’s up to you how to spend your time. But just remember you have the responsibility of the chosen way how to live it!