A letter from Janie that took my breath away. She gave me the permission to share it with you.

"... I am 74 and have been doing arts and crafts my whole life. I made the decision to be a “stay at home mom” when my sons were younger but always did what I wanted to do. 

I have made custom wedding gowns for 20 years (mainly from photos that girls brought me because they could not find the right dress to fit them in the stores), created wedding floral arrangements for customers, made custom nursery/toddler bedding for one of my Etsy shops, made slip covers, etc. for my home, finished furniture, worked with oil and acrylic paints and stained glass, worked with wood, and even (at 69 years old) both started teaching my self how to read and write Japanese, and also purchased a professional architects program (with no previous building or CAD experience) and designed and prepared the blueprints for our son’s home so he could build it for half the cost. 

2 years ago, at our granddaughter’s request, I made her the intricate costume for the character Loki from one of the Avengers movies. The sleeves, alone, took me 3days to figure out and complete. It, the leather one with the floor length vest. I only had photos for a pattern and it took me 3 months.  

I am not mentioning these experiences and abilities to brag about, but to help explain how much I admire your talent and how you take that wonderful talent beyond what the typical good artist would do. 

My artistic abilities are a little above average, but because I also have a very strong ability to problem solve and, not only copy something but see how I change it to make it even better, many people consider me to be very talented but I am not. 

You, on the other hand, have the ability to create it from the very beginning. Not only that, you also have the ability to know to not stop there, but also how to add those few magical extra finishing touches to take your creation from very nice to outstanding. 

You also have another gift and that is the detailed, yet easy to understand, way you pass your information on to others. Your tutorial video is so well done and you deserve to be very proud of it.  

I am so glad I found your little bat and experienced your video. I will make it for the same granddaughter who has the Loki costume. She loves bats, thinks they are adorable, and wants a real one as a pet to take places with her, tucked into a shirt pocket. She is getting her college degree in anthropology to study bones (and she was such a “Princess” when she was little). 

Anyway, I love learning. And even with all of the experiences I’ve had, love it when I am able to learn new tips and ways to make something better. And your video is full of them. You don’t just skim over how to do something, you take the time to share those special finishing touches. Thank you so much for those. 

Your video also shows how much you love what you do. I wish you the best of luck in your creative and professional future.