When you are involved in artistry, sooner or later you’ll be asked what is it for you.

Is it a hobby and you just follow your passion?

Or maybe it’s a kind of business that brings some money and you can make a living with it?

But actually it’s no need to separate both these concepts.

The money is just a great source for high quality of life and the opportunity to spend your time more mindfully. 

I am convinced you don’t have to look for a compromise and settle for something less. You can do what you like... and get paid for it.

What is your dream? What is the way of life you want to lead?

It’s good idea to think about, isn’t it? It worth the time.  

But, actually, you already know what you are. The main question that must be asked is - how can I monetize my hobby?

Just ask yourself everyday and you’ll find the answer at last! And don’t let anyone to stop you! You are the ARTIST! You are the artist of YOUR life!

Me on the exhibition in Philadelphia, USA